1. Working = Tinkering With Books

    These might eventually turn into a series of Brian Eno prints.

  2. Standard Designs in Stylist Magazine

    Yes, there on the top shelf in this photo from today’s Stylist magazine is my Stone Roses print.

    Should you wish to style your room in a similar fashion to the above, and I strongly suggest you should, the print is available here.

  3. The Drummer’s Recommendation, aka Mike Joyce Likes My Stuff

    Very gratifying to see that Mike Joyce, drummer with The Smiths, likes my Smiths posters.

    (Pssst - they’re available in my Etsy shop.)

  4. New Print: Morrissey’s ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’ As A Collection Of Books

    My new print, now available in my Etsy shop, is Morrissey’s World Peace Is None Of Your Business as if it had been written as a series of books.

    If you’ve read Morrissey’s Autobiography you’ll know that this is a man who’s as clever, funny and incisive over 500 pages as he is over 3 and a half minutes. So the what-if element in my new albums-as-books print is I think quite possible: what if after writing the Autobiography Morrissey had said to himself, ‘I’m going to carry on with the written word’? This is how his brilliant new album World Peace Is None Of Your Business might have turned out.

    I have to say that over the past number of years I’ve greeted the arrival of a new Morrissey album with the same mixture of emotions as a parent watching their child take part in their first go-kart race - keenly hoping that they do something marvellously skilful, and secretly praying that they don’t end up in a heap of splintered wood and grazed shins. Luckily (well, maybe luck had nothing to do with it), this time Morrissey has swerved around all the guitar-riff-based oil-slicks in his path and crossed the line in triumphant style.

    His lyrics are his funniest and some of his most direct in years. But it’s the music that shows the most important shift here: its attention to detail and nuance in both instrumentation and production. Instead of being out of time, in a Morrissey universe all of his own, this for the first time in a long time is a contemporary recording. It is here, it is now. But it is also completely in the Morrissey universe too. It’s an amazing feat.

    I really enjoyed putting this print together, selecting books so that they worked together tonally whilst each retaining their own bump and lift of originality, just the same way as the songs on the album travel from place to place and style to style but stay within the bounds of the album.

    So do give the album a listen, you won’t regret it. And when you’ve heard it… there’s a very reasonably-priced print waiting for you in my Etsy shop.

  5. My Smiths theatre posters have received a nice write-up on brandish.tv today.

  6. image: Download

    Coloured pencils are vastly underrated, especially when doodling absolutely mindlessly as in this example. They really are the dill pickle in one’s aimless mental hamburger.

    Coloured pencils are vastly underrated, especially when doodling absolutely mindlessly as in this example. They really are the dill pickle in one’s aimless mental hamburger.

  7. The Ultimate Art Print for the Book-Loving Led Zeppelin Fan

    'Led Zeppelin IV' as if it had been written as a collection of Penguin Books. This print is available right now from the Standard Designs Etsy Shop. Click here for details.

  8. image: Download

    The sun sets on Literature. Goodnight, Literature.

    The sun sets on Literature. Goodnight, Literature.

  9. Peter Gabriel ‘So’ Album-As-Books Print


    Here’s the latest addition to my series of prints of classic albums as if they’d been written as books instead of songs. It’s Peter Gabriel’s 1986 album ‘So’.


    Listening to it now, almost 30 years after its release, it still sounds as musically interesting as it ever did. It has a denseness and a sparseness too. Simultaneously.


    There’s some nice contributions from Kate Bush, and also from Laurie Anderson on the final track ‘This is the Picture (Excellent Birds)’, although I personally prefer the version on her album ‘Mister Heartbreak’. Ah yes, final track… this is a bone of contention…


    There are various track orders, between the original vinyl release (which I owned, and which ended perfectly I’ve always felt with the spooky ‘We Do What We’re Told (Milgram’s 37)’). Then there’s the almost-simultaneous CD release, which has the Laurie Anderson track at the end - this is the track order I’ve chosen for this print, mostly because it’s the physical version of the album the majority of people will have heard it first on. Then there’s the reissue, and the whole thing about Peter Gabriel wanting ‘In Your Eyes’ to end the album, and… well, one can get tired of endless ‘definitive versions’ and ‘director’s cuts’ - in any medium. Hopefully this print will please you and ring true to your experience of the album. And if it doesn’t, it probably won’t be too far out I’d guess.



    Anyway, the print is available now in the Standard Designs shop on Etsy. If you’re a Peter Gabriel fan, or if you know someone who is, this will be a nice and pretty unique addition to your or their collection.

  10. David Bowie ‘Space Oddity’ 45th Anniversary Print

    'Ground Control to Major Tom…' Can you believe it’s 45 years since ‘Space Oddity’ was released as a single? Crazy, eh? Released on 11 July 1969. And so now I wonder about Major Tom, and I wonder if, as the song still plays, he’s still up there, in the imaginary pop-osphere, floating in his tin can. So I made this print to commemorate the anniversary. It’s available now in the Standard Designs shop on Etsy.

    It’s simple but effective, with a little bit of the late Pop Art of the period in the way the Earth is heavily colour halftoned, and a touch of the Art Deco revival of the early 1970s in the typography.

    It’d look great on your wall. Treat yourself to one here.

  11. Waiter, there’s a mid-60s abstract on the floor. Would you kindly mop it up, please, as it’s putting me off my food.

    Waiter, there’s a mid-60s abstract on the floor. Would you kindly mop it up, please, as it’s putting me off my food.

  12. Where Can I Find Storage Solutions Inspired By Late 1960s Formalist Minimalist Painting Round Here?

    Oh, there you are.

  13. The Cock

    As seen in Sutton. The Cheam reference on the sign makes me think this is some kind of lodestone marking the intersection of the Carry-On films with Tony Hancock. But conjecture is cheap, and research requires paperwork, so I will leave it there…

  14. Kate Bush ‘Aerial’ As If Written As Novels

    This is the fourth in my series of Kate Bush albums reimagined as collections of books (after 'Hounds of Love', 'The Kick Inside' and 'The Sensual World'). It’s her colossal 2005 album 'Aerial'. Each of the books here represents a track on the album, and they’re all arranged in the same order they appear on the original CD release. It’s available now from the Standard Designs Etsy shop.

    The print measures 42 x 29.7cm (which fits very nicely into a standard IKEA Ribba frame, as you can see above).

    It’s printed on some rather nice 200gsm premium archival paper. It’s a substantial print.

    The books (all Penguins) have been chosen to echo the warm colours of the original CD’s artwork.

    There’s also a special offer in the shop where you can buy all four of my Kate Bush prints for the price of three with free shipping - click here for more information.

    Washing machine… washing machine…

  15. New Print: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Boatman’s Call - As A Set of Books

    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ superbly melancholy album ‘The Boatman’s Call’ has been one of my favourites since practically the day it was released, and so I’ve finally made a print imagining each of its tracks turned into novels in a series of Penguin paperbacks.

    It’s a serious print for a serious Nick Cave fan. It’s available now in the Standard Designs Etsy Shop.